Start up the engine, never cool it down !!

In summer of 2014, finally we started a unique new project “Creative Beats 4U”. Creative, talented and experienced members will support every kind of artists including singers, dancers, musicians, actors/actress, performers, etc to step forward to their successful careers.

We can provide one-stop high quality services for the artists with affordable prices. If you are a singer, for instance, you can have songs with lyrics and record them in a studio with good equipments and a worldwide famous producer in Croatia. During your stay in Croatia, you can take beautiful and unique photos and film movies for your music video, CD jackets, or photo books. A hollywood-class make-up artist, a photographer, designers will support your project.


2104年夏、クロアチアと日本を結ぶユニークで新しいプロジェクト「Creative Beats 4U」が始動しました!「Creative Beats 4U」は、海外でのレコーディングや撮影をリーズナブルな予算で手軽に始めたい、というアーティストの皆さんをサポートするワンストップサービスです。自然豊かで文化遺産も多い中央ヨーロッパのクロアチアで、世界レベルのプロデューサー、メイクアップアーティスト、デザイナーたちと一緒に作品を仕上げてみませんか?

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